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The Absolute


“The Absolute is the realm of complete mystery, or of bedazzlement, as the Sufis say. And only here will the heart feel it has arrived home, at long last. There is wonder, there is beauty, there is Majesty, but it is all mystery upon mystery. The peace is stupendous, the certainty is absolute and the beauty is dazzling. It is the ultimate Beloved of the heart, the Spirit of spirits, and the mystery of all existence. It is the absolute Presence of absolute annihilation, which is then seen to be the primal cause of all. Obviously such words make no sense to the mind, but when consciousness finally reaches this its final abode, the heart will hear these words as music. ”

A.H. Almaas


The Girlfriends of God

…they do not fear; neither do they know heartbreak.

I have known only three Girls during this lifetime.

The characteristic of Girls is emotional innocence, which Girls want to keep no matter what; Artemis firing the arrow of Truth, rather than Venus on the half-shell. And Supergirls have the superpower of Invulnerable Innocence, as described by A.H. Almaas.

Because we believe our dead world, our dead mind, we are afraid of this innocence. This innocence scares the hell out of us, scares the hell out of the person in the mind, because when it appears, this innocence has an effect like the sun coming out from behind the cloud: immediate incineration of the dark world. More specifically, to be innocent like that, to understand or to be in that condition of absolute innocence also means that we must be defenseless; we cannot be innocent and have defenses. We have to be absolutely without protection – even the protection of our ideas. We have to be completely vulnerable. (Diamond Heart Book 4, pg 147)

Invulnerable Innocence is a very deep element of reality, or to put it another way, a particularly profound Name of God. All the Names are deep, but some of them are easier to access from the human form than others. Luckily, the Girls, the Joan of Arcs, the Rabias, the Persephones, are there to carry the banner a little further into the World with each life.

The Heart Center

I was initiated into the Naqshbandi Order of Sufis over twenty years ago. As part of the Sufi training, I was directed to develop the three centers of the human being: the Head, the Heart, and the Body. This blog is a record of the Heart Path.

My thanks to A.H. Almaas for the image of a rose opening endlessly.